23 August 2023
By Danny Gackstetter

EV Assembly: Promess Inc. Pressing Systems for Seamless Pin Pressing

In the world of modern manufacturing, precision and efficiency reign supreme. When it comes to intricate processes like pin pressing, especially in sectors such as Electric vehicle production, EV assembly, electronics and automotive, maintaining tight tolerances and ensuring flawless results is non-negotiable. This is where CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems step in, offering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet these demands but exceed them.

Compliant Pin Pressing: A Cornerstone of Modern Manufacturing

Compliant pin pressing is a critical process in various industries, particularly in electronics assembly and automotive manufacturing. The quality of pin connections directly affects the overall functionality and reliability of electronic devices and mechanical components. Traditional methods of pin pressing often involve the risk of misaligned pins, bent pins, or inconsistent connections, leading to faulty products and costly rework. CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems address these challenges head-on, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures precision, reliability, and efficiency.

Pressing Printed Circuit Boards to Inverter Power Modules

In the realm of electronics manufacturing, one prime application of CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems is the pressing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to inverter power modules. Inverters play a crucial role in converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) in devices such as solar inverters, motor drives, and uninterruptible power supplies. The connection between the PCB and the power module must be flawless to ensure optimal performance.

Promess Inc. Pressing Systems offer a level of control and accuracy that traditional methods can’t match. These systems ensure that the pins on the PCB align perfectly with the corresponding points on the power module, guaranteeing a secure and reliable connection. The integrated monitoring and feedback mechanisms enable real-time adjustments, eliminating the risk of misalignment or improper connection.

Ensuring Pin Fit and Detecting Bent Pins in Real Time

One of the standout features of CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems is their ability to press pins with precision while continuously monitoring the forces involved. This feature is invaluable in industries where pin connections are crucial, as it guarantees that the pins are not just properly aligned but also securely seated within their designated slots.

Additionally, the system’s advanced sensors and detectors are designed to identify bent pins and low pressing forces during the press fit operation. This real-time detection ensures that defective pins are identified early in the process, minimizing the chances of faulty connections going unnoticed. The system’s ability to stop the pressing motion upon detecting bent pins is a game-changer, preventing any further damage and allowing for immediate corrective action.

The Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology

CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems owe their exceptional capabilities to the integration of cutting-edge technology. Advanced sensors, precision servo motors, and real-time data analysis work in tandem to achieve unmatched levels of accuracy. The system’s adaptability allows it to accommodate various pin types, materials, and sizes, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of industries.


In the realm of modern manufacturing, where precision and reliability are paramount, CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems shine as a beacon of innovation. Their ability to ensure compliant pin pressing, press PCBs to power modules flawlessly, monitor pin fit in real time, and detect issues like bent pins sets them apart as an indispensable tool for various industries.

By investing in these pressing systems, manufacturers can elevate their production processes to new heights, significantly reducing defects, enhancing product quality, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction. As technology continues to advance, CPS’s Promess Inc. Pressing Systems stand as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of manufacturing.

6 July 2022
By Danny Gackstetter

Onsite Service

Have you ever wondered if CPS can perform onsite services? Whether the job requires something simple like a product change over or whether you find yourself amid a crisis because something catastrophically failed – the answer is yes, our skilled technicians are here to help. 

Because let’s be real: In today’s economic climate, skilled talent is hard to find, and running a Promess Press, an Atlas Copco nut runner, or a Technifor laser engraver requires experience we don’t expect our clients to have. 

At CPS, we’ve built our entire business model around engaging talent that is on top of current and emerging technologies, so we can provide the service levels our customers deserve. 

Our goal is to supply parts, products, and services to keep you up and running. When a machine down situation happens, we are there in a timely manner to help your plant floor get back on schedule.

We’re here to help – and handle the headaches.

18 February 2020
By Danny Gackstetter


At CPS, we’ve spent countless hours researching and testing laser marking systems, to find the most effective and versatile laser marking solutions for our customers.

Looking for the best all-in-one marking system? Our top pick is Technifor’s Hybrid Series Laser Solution.

Technifor’s Hybrid Series Laser Solution provides contrasted markings on a wide range of materials, from hard metals to soft plastics. With the highest peak performance in its range, this laser system adapts to provide all types of marking finishes from surface markings to deep engravings.

A Perfect Mark for All Conditions

Technifor’s Hybrid Series Laser Solution automatically alters its focal length, ensuring a perfect mark on curved and inclined surfaces, as well as enabling simultaneous multi-level surface marking. With a variety of very precise laser settings, this system will adjust its marking to each application and type of material.

This hybrid laser solution has a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Creating highly contrasted markings for easy identification
  • Providing traceability of small parts through data matrix
  • Barcoding automotive plastics
  • Engraving aluminum tags
  • Annealing aerospace parts

Easy Installation

Technifor Hybrid Series Laser Solution is a compact, efficient and fully equipped turnkey system. Simply connect the single-phase power cable and start marking.


Developed by Technifor and included with your laser marking system, Lasertrace allows you to create your marking files with just a few clicks. Once your files are sent to the control unit, the marking laser works autonomously or connected to a PLC, allowing for easy identification and traceability.

Buy Local! Every Technifor Hybrid Series Laser Solution is Sold, Serviced and Warrantied in Ontario, Canada.

About CPS

Founded in 1986, we are an Ontario-based industrial distributor of high-quality assembly tools, part marking systems, material handling equipment and other industry-related products. At CPS, we provide full service and repair for all of our products.

8 January 2020
By Danny Gackstetter

PF 6000+ Battery Tools

Choosing the right battery tools to meet your industrial tooling needs is a really important decision for any business. With years of research and real hands on experience, we’ve found Atlas Copco Low Reaction (LRT) handheld tools to be the very best battery tools available on today’s market.

Atlas Copco Low Reaction Battery Tools

The Atlas Copco Group is a world leader in innovative tooling and assembly solutions. Atlas Copco’s battery tools are ergonomically designed to promote comfort, efficiency and workplace safety.

What is a Low Reaction Tool?

A Low Reaction Tool (LRT) is a tool that eliminates reaction force, while maximizing user comfort and improving efficiency. As a result of inhibiting reaction force, LRTs are capable of delivering reliable and accurate high-speed tightening.

LRT Tool Benefits

Modular Design – all tools are modular, making battery swapping easy. Tensor tools are equipped with a universal multi-charger for all batteries, available in 18V and 36V. You can choose either voltage without compromising speed or quality of torque.

Less Service Time – new technology and design has increased overall performance and uptime, reducing oil leakage and minimizing separation of air and oil

Efficient ventilation – gives better heat dissipation that prevents tool from getting warm and overheating. The new Tensor motor not only keeps the tool cooler, but also boosts productivity by enabling it to achieve higher speeds.

Operator Feedback – battery status and alerts are quickly and easily communicated via LED alerts

Click here to get your free quote today!

Atlas Copco Tensor TBP

Atlas Copco TBP is an excellent solution if you’re looking to achieve maximum flexibility and high torque, with free speeds up to 6000 rpm. With TorqueBoost*, this tool benefits from active cooling and advanced motor steering, to allow torque to build quickly, thereby reducing build time.

Due to its low vibration, this tool is operator-friendly, saving workers from user fatigue and conditions like white fingers. By minimizing fatigue-related injuries, this tool contributes to  a safer work environment.

Atlas Copco Tensor SRB

Atlas Copco Tensor SRB is best suited for low reaction tightening with lower torque. A well-designed tool, the SRB is a low weight, well-balanced tool that sits comfortably in your hands. The ergonomic design helps considerably with preventing user fatigue, and the new motor boosts productivity by allowing you to reach speeds up to 1500 rpm.

Atlas Copco Tensor STR

Atlas Copco Tensor STR enhances efficiency with its dual accessory capability, where it can connect and power two accessories on the same tool. The modular components of the STR significantly reduces the need for back up and spare tools, as the STR tool base is interchangeable between models and sizes.

Atlas Copco Tensor STR Two Trigger Tool

With the Tensor STR Two Trigger Tool, tightenings can be completed with one tool instead of two, shortening cycle times and eliminating unnecessary steps. With this tool the user can pre-tighten with the upper trigger, and then tighten to target torque with the low trigger. Accurate and reliable, this tool has a market leading accuracy, increasing process reliability and minimizing risk of assembly problems.

Buy Local! Every Atlas Copco Low Reaction Battery Tool is Serviced and Warrantied in Ontario, Canada.

About CPS

Founded in 1986, we are an Ontario-based industrial distributor of high-quality assembly tools, part marking systems, material handling equipment and other industry-related products. At CPS, we provide full service and repair for all of our products.

6 December 2019
By Danny Gackstetter


At CPS, we’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing Standalone laser marking systems, to find the best quality, efficient and safest laser marking equipment for our customers.

What’s our top pick? Technifor’s Laser Workstation 2. 

The LW2 is a fully automatic laser stand alone benchtop marking system, setting the gold standard as the industry’s top model laser marking workstation on the market. This LW2 laser model offers a comprehensive and versatile workstation that can be adapted to meet all of your applications and specificities. 

As an all-inclusive laser marking solution, the LW2 has a large workstation that can make surface marking as well as deep engraving on any surface from plastic to crystal, glass, wood, leather, aluminum, stone and everything in between.

The LW2: A Fully Integrated Laser Marking Solution 

From simple tooling to a fully automatic laser marking station, the LW2 laser offers the full solution for Bench top standalone Laser Marking.  Since most parts have a unique shape, the LW2 laser will automatically adapt its focal length to ensure a perfect mark on cylindrical parts, curved surfaces, inclined planes and more. 

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Certified Class 1 Laser Safe 

Technifor’s LW2 is the safest laser marking station currently available. Certified Class 1 Laser Safe, the LW2 has a viewing window that allows you to see your work in real time, without having to wear protective glasses. The LW2 features a fully automatic door with remote control, “interlock” locking system and anti-pinch sensors. 

Save Time & Money

Technifor’s LW2 is ergonomic and easy to use, with a diverse range of settings that makes it possible to carry out all types of laser markings, on any surface, up to 4000 pieces per day. With a fully automatic laser marking system, you’ll save time and the design costs for your laser.  

Buy Local! Every LW2 Marking & Engraving System is Sold, Serviced and Warrantied in Ontario, Canada.

About CPS 

Founded in 1986, we are an Ontario-based industrial distributor of high-quality assembly tools, part marking systems, material handling equipment and industry-related products. At CPS, we provide full service and repair for all of our products.


8 August 2019
By Danny Gackstetter

Atlas Copco ETV, ETP, ETD S4 , S7 , S9 & PF3000 Tool Service, Repair and Calibration

So Atlas Copco has recently announced that they no longer service the S4, S7 & S9 tools. we commonly refer to the tools here at CPS as the “S – Tools” we still have Canada’s largest spare tool inventory of S-tools with spare parts and motors right here in stock at our Office! with our 17025 Laboratory Accreditation we’d be happy to service your S – Tools ! just let us know 

not sure if you have an S – Tool? here’s some Common Part numbers that we Repair / Replace / Service & Calibrate.  

ETD – S4


ETD – S9 

ETV – S4

ETV – S7

ETV – S9

ETP – S4 

ETP – S7

ETP – S9

Controller numbers 

PF3000 – Graph 

PF 3000 Compact.

18 July 2019
By Danny Gackstetter

Servo Press Calibration

As the local Distributor and Vendor for Promess in Ontario Canada be sure to give us a call if you require calibrations on your load cells or servo presses! we’d love to help you out with an onsite calibration service.  

14 June 2019
By Danny Gackstetter

Summer Shutdown Is Upon Us

If you work in the Manufacturing sector in ontario then you probably understand the term “Summer shutdown” or you may be more familiar with the term “summer slow down ” depending on which manufacturing company you work for. summer and winter shutdowns are CPS’ busiest time of the year because its the two times a year that we get full access to our customer torque tools so we can calibrate everybody’s manufacturing tools all in one shot. what used to take us days to do with lots of shipping nightmares is now taking us hours with our Mobile bus. we just roll up. calibrate all your tools and roll away. that simple.

are you wondering where to get your torque tools calibrated in ontario for summer shutdown? be sure to give us a call!

5 March 2018
By Danny Gackstetter

Promess Pressing Assembly Systems Now Comes to Ontario with Local Service Provided by CPS

Hello All!

Big Day here at CPS. as you can guess from the Title, CPS is now the Local distributor and vendor for Promess in Ontario! be sure to let us know if you need service or calibrations too!

Promess is the Leading name in Press assembly technologies. with 34 years in the industry and starting in Brighton Michigan they are the number 1 name in Pressing systems. On spec with companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler, Promess knows just how tough the environments can be and how they can overcome it with superior quality products and innovative software.

Check out the Video below to see the story of Promess spoken right from their President Glenn Nausley

Danny Gackstetter

Sales Manager

1 June 2017
By Danny Gackstetter

Shutdown Time – What to do with all your Torque Tools.

So your company is shutting down for 2 weeks and all of your Calibration Equipment is suddenly free to be touched. Call us for a free evaluation to come onsite and do all of your tools in one visit !

With CPS’ Mobile Service Capabilities we can come on site and calibrate all of your torque tools in one sweep in a controlled Mobile Laboratory environment outfitted with all the equipment our technicians need to handle all of your tools. we can even do minor repairs if needed to make sure that you’re running day one after shutdown. Book your Shutdown Appointment with us to see first hand what Mobile Service really looks like  and how easy it is.


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