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Summer Shutdown Is Upon Us

If you work in the Manufacturing sector in ontario then you probably understand the term “Summer shutdown” or you may be more familiar with the term “summer slow down ” depending on which manufacturing company you work for. summer and winter shutdowns are CPS’ busiest time of the year because its the two times a year that we get full access to our customer torque tools so we can calibrate everybody’s manufacturing tools all in one shot. what used to take us days to do with lots of shipping nightmares is now taking us hours with our Mobile bus. we just roll up. calibrate all your tools and roll away. that simple.

are you wondering where to get your torque tools calibrated in ontario for summer shutdown? be sure to give us a call!

ByDanny Gackstetter

Promess Pressing Assembly Systems Now Comes to Ontario with Local Service Provided by CPS

Hello All!

Big Day here at CPS. as you can guess from the Title, CPS is now the Local Representative for Promess in Ontario!

Promess is the Leading name in Press assembly technologies. with 34 years in the industry and starting in Brighton Michigan they are the number 1 name in Pressing systems. On spec with companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler, Promess knows just how tough the environments can be and how they can overcome it with superior quality products and innovative software.

Check out the Video below to see the story of Promess spoken right from their President Glenn Nausley


Danny Gackstetter

Sales Manager

ByDanny Gackstetter

GSE CP Techmotive DC Torque Tools

“We’re shocked by the amount of people who still love their Techmotive Power tools ” quote from Mike Lang Service Manager at CPS.

We still repair, service and calibrate the original models of the GSE or CP Techmotive power tools.

Servicing both in the United States and in Canada, we pride ourselves on:

  • fast turn around times
  • ISO 17025 Accreditations
  • full motor rebuilds.
  • Onsite Service with our Mobile Bus
  • Read more+

So if you’re in the United States, or Canada service area don’t be so quick to throw out your old tech motive tools and controllers.

we can still help to keep them running at Low cost.

Contact us for service and we can help!




ByDanny Gackstetter

Shutdown Time – What to do with all your Torque Tools.

So your company is shutting down for 2 weeks and all of your Calibration Equipment is suddenly free to be touched. Call us for a free evaluation to come onsite and do all of your tools in one visit !

With CPS’ Mobile Service Capabilities we can come on site and calibrate all of your torque tools in one sweep in a controlled Mobile Laboratory environment outfitted with all the equipment our technicians need to handle all of your tools. we can even do minor repairs if needed to make sure that you’re running day one after shutdown. Book your Shutdown Appointment with us to see first hand what Mobile Service really looks like  and how easy it is.


ByDanny Gackstetter

Torque Wrench Calibrations

Did you know that at minimum your Torque Wrenches need to be calibrated once every year ? here’s why:

Now before I start lets level with each other.  If you’re using your wrench thousands of times a day or using it as a pry bar, hammer or baseball batt then this rule doesn’t apply to you. You got to remember Torque Wrenches are a Mechanical Device that relies on parts to move together to provide you that accurate result. Inside these wrenches you’ll find a spring that opens and compresses everytime you use it and if you’ve ever played with a spring you’ll understand that these springs begin to relax, shift, contract and deform over time. so we’ve learned that a year is an important timeline to stick to if you want to ensure that your wrench stays within the proper range. Book a Free Evaluation with us to get those wrenches of yours calibrated !