Rivet King Cordless FreeSet Tool

Cordless tools for setting Blind Rivets, Rivet Nuts & Lockbolts

Safer Work Environment • Cordless!, Eliminates trip hazards • Improved ergonomics • no hoses • no fittings • no air pressure • no oil emitted into the air as is typical with pneudraulic tools. 
Increased Efficiency & Productivity • FreeSet™ Technology drastically increases tool speed • Cordless tools use 99% less energy than air tools • No pressure drops caused by compressors • No maintenance of oilers • No more supply line leaks
Maintenance • All models are equipped with Freeset Manager software which allows for preset preventive maintenance intervals by count and alerts the operator before jaw replacement or maintenance functions are necessary. 
Reliability • No more oil, seals and gaskets. Completely electronic all forces are motor driven. Tools which have preventative maintenance reminders have higher reliability.
Breakthrough Technologies • The first riveting tool of its kind which can barcode scan, use WiFi to communicate with external systems and qualify the joint using the load cell.   Measuring forces with a load cell, are far more accurate over time in comparison with transducers, current measurement and strain gages.
Quality & Process Monitoring • If you have problems with rivets or riveted products, this is your thermometer, your doctor and your medicine in one prescription. Count rivets, qualify the process, communicate with external system, measure your results over time, document them and prevent failures by stopping them before it continues to move through production.