Mitsubishi – RV-8CRL Vertical Robot

Mitsubishi – RV-8CRL Vertical Articulating Robot 

The vertically articulated RV-8CRL robot from Mitsubishi Electric is a high-performance, cost-effective solution with no battery backup required on the robot’s internal encoders, increasing uptime and reducing maintenance. With a slim, compact design featuring less wiring, intelligence and safety options, an IP65 rating, and simple construction, the RV-8CRL is well suited for an extensive variety of applications.

Longest-in-Class arm Length

Highest-in-class load capacity

Featuring a highest-in-class maximum load capacity of 8 kg, these robots boast a lighter-weight structure and reduced unit weight thanks to their simplified drive system and optimized arm structure, resulting in enhanced load capacity.

Largest-in-class effective working area

Offers highest-in-class maximum reach radius of 931 mm. The use of a no-offset lower arm structure eliminating the J2-axis joint offset minimizes the interference region in the minimum turning radius and provides the largest-in-class effective working area.

Simple Ease of Maintenance

Beltless coaxial drive mechanism

A coaxial drive mechanism without belts is used for transmission to each axis (excluding the J4 and J5 axes). Simplification of the structure has improved transmission efficiency and reliability while also improving the ease of maintenance.

No backup battery

The use of the new HK motor eliminates the need for a battery to back up the robot’s internal encoder.
This eliminates the cost and effort of regular replacement as well as the risk of losing origin coordinates due to battery failure.

Compact Functional Design

Slim & compact

A smooth, curved design complements the slim arm and compact joints. The external design is marked by minimalist, functional design. *Installation pitch:□160 mm (same as RV-4FR and 20% less than


Protrusionless structure

In addition to a slim, compact exterior and small robot base, its structure features minimal protrusions to the front, back, and sides, resulting in reduced interference with surroundings when the robot operates. This makes it suited to integration with automation cells and manufacturing equipment.

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