Air Balancer Service

Repair and Testing for Air Balancers

At CPS, our service technicians provide air balancer repair and testing services for any manufacturer using only OEM parts.

We make getting repairs easy. We can repair or test your air balancer at our location – whether you visit or ship it to us. Do you want CPS to come to you? Contact our service coordinator today to book.

We Provide air balancer repair and testing for all manufacturers including:

  • Ingersoll Rand/Zimmerman
  • Korea Hoist/Unified
  • Knight

Why Should I Choose CPS to Service my Air Balancer?

  • Rapid turnaround of your repairs.
  • We use OEM parts for all repairs.
  • We are I/R and Unified certified.
  • After service, all tools will be fully inspected and returned with test report.
  • 3rd party certification is available.

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Unified Air Balancer   

Air Balancer
A proven ergonomic lifting & positioning device

• Safety overload limit and check valve in case of loss of air supply
• Capacities up to 485 lbs. (single reeve) or 1940 lbs. (double reeve)
• Energy efficient – only a fraction of a CFM per cycle required when compared to a pneumatic hoist
• Use of non-lubricated air assures clean environment
• Ideal for ergonomic handling applications and suspension of tools, weld guns & fixtures
• All non-reeved balancers come equipped with 9 meter cable

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