TorquePRO | Torque System

The Promess TorquePRO system is a fully electric programmable, rotational actuator. built to control torque and position In production and test environments.

The TorquePRO is the best solution for accurate and repeatable torque for manufacturing and test applications from 1 Nm and below to over 15 000 Nm


  • Highly accurate motion control
  • Real time control and monitoring or torque and angle
  • Control to a torque, position, or any number of other inputs


  • Verify every process meets its requirements
  • Manufacture with no fault forward
  • Never ship a bad part from your facility again

Extensive Capabilities

  • Built-in mechanical overload protection
  • Hold the rated load of the system indefinitely
  • Sleek, compact design allows for easy integration or retrofit


  • Move to an angle
  • Move to a torque
  • Moves to multiple positions
  • Hold to a constant torque
  • Base mounts / face mount options
  • Smooth running servo technology
  • Easy integration



Application: Running Torque
Application: Efficiency
Application: Breakaway Torque
TorquePRO Sizing