Promess Torque Pro

Torque Test & Gauging Systems

From the typical to the complex and from the light loads to very high torque, the Promess family of TorquePRO systems offers a complete solution for Builders and End Users. The TorquePRO has the ability to both control and monitor the rotational torque and angle in real time through a closed-loop feedback system.

Standard TorquePRO: The ideal solution for torque assembly and test applications up to 200Nm. Sleek, compact design allows for easy integration into new or existing equipment. Every system is designed with built-in mechanical overload protection, making it virtually impossible to damage the torque transducer through unexpected torque spikes.

Bearing Torque Test

Bearing Torque

The first test is to measure the breakaway torque as the outer race is held and the inner race is turned. When the bearing is rotating, the average torque is measured over several rotations.

Gear Characterization

The resistance torque of the gear train is measured by driving and measuring the torque on the input shaft. Then the backlash throughout the gear travel is measured on the fly.

Running Torque Test

Test in accordance to your upper and lower torque limits for exceeding of running torque.

Adhesive Breakaway Torque Test

Test the strength and quality of your thread adhesive like Loc-Tite to ensure the breakaway torque on your thread adhesives fits your production limits.