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We are an industry leader in force and torque sensing applications, giving machines
the ability to “feel” how a part or product is being made. Data is collected during these closed-loop operations, and manufacturers use that information to continually improve their processes.

Promess Product Line

Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP)

The Promess Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP) is completely programmable with a motion-controlled ball screw press. The Promess EMAP line gives you an accurate and efficient operation. Forces range from under one ounce to over 200,000 pounds.


  • Press to a Shoulder 
  • Press to a Position
  • Crimping 
  • Forming
  • Press to External Transducer
  • Staking
  • Riveting


  • Hydraulic Press Valve Relief       
  • Power Steering pump Assembly
  • Valve Seat and Guide Assembly
  • Water Pump Assembly

Promess - Remap

Rotational Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (REMAP)

The REMAP provides fully programmable, precise and independent control Of both linear and rotational motion into a single unit


  • Press to a Position
  • Press to a Force
  • Turn to an Angle
  • Turn to a Torque


  • Bearing pre Load
  • Seal Pressing
  • Spline Alignment
  • Self Actuating Torque Test

TorquePRO Torque System

The Promess TorquePRO system is a fully electric, programmable, rotational actuator. Built to control torque and position in production and test environments.

The TorquePRO is the best solution for accurate and repeatable torque for manufacturing and test applications from 1 Nm and below, to over 15,000 Nm.


  • Move to an angle
  • Move to a torque
  • Move to multiple positions
  • Hold to a constant torque


  • Running Torque                     
  • Backlash Testing 
  • Breakaway Torque
  • Efficiency Testing

Electric Press Work Station

The Promess Electric Press Work Station is a fully electric stand-alone unit with an integrated Promess Electro Mechanical Assembly Servo press (EMAP), REMAP or TorquePRO

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