PF 6000+ Battery Tools

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PF 6000+ Battery Tools

Choosing the right battery tools to meet your industrial tooling needs is a really important decision for any business. With years of research and real hands on experience, we’ve found Atlas Copco Low Reaction (LRT) handheld tools to be the very best battery tools available on today’s market.

Atlas Copco Low Reaction Battery Tools

The Atlas Copco Group is a world leader in innovative tooling and assembly solutions. Atlas Copco’s battery tools are ergonomically designed to promote comfort, efficiency and workplace safety.

What is a Low Reaction Tool?

A Low Reaction Tool (LRT) is a tool that eliminates reaction force, while maximizing user comfort and improving efficiency. As a result of inhibiting reaction force, LRTs are capable of delivering reliable and accurate high-speed tightening.

LRT Tool Benefits

Modular Design – all tools are modular, making battery swapping easy. Tensor tools are equipped with a universal multi-charger for all batteries, available in 18V and 36V. You can choose either voltage without compromising speed or quality of torque.

Less Service Time – new technology and design has increased overall performance and uptime, reducing oil leakage and minimizing separation of air and oil

Efficient ventilation – gives better heat dissipation that prevents tool from getting warm and overheating. The new Tensor motor not only keeps the tool cooler, but also boosts productivity by enabling it to achieve higher speeds.

Operator Feedback – battery status and alerts are quickly and easily communicated via LED alerts

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Atlas Copco Tensor TBP

Atlas Copco TBP is an excellent solution if you’re looking to achieve maximum flexibility and high torque, with free speeds up to 6000 rpm. With TorqueBoost*, this tool benefits from active cooling and advanced motor steering, to allow torque to build quickly, thereby reducing build time.

Due to its low vibration, this tool is operator-friendly, saving workers from user fatigue and conditions like white fingers. By minimizing fatigue-related injuries, this tool contributes to  a safer work environment.

Atlas Copco Tensor SRB

Atlas Copco Tensor SRB is best suited for low reaction tightening with lower torque. A well-designed tool, the SRB is a low weight, well-balanced tool that sits comfortably in your hands. The ergonomic design helps considerably with preventing user fatigue, and the new motor boosts productivity by allowing you to reach speeds up to 1500 rpm.

Atlas Copco Tensor STR

Atlas Copco Tensor STR enhances efficiency with its dual accessory capability, where it can connect and power two accessories on the same tool. The modular components of the STR significantly reduces the need for back up and spare tools, as the STR tool base is interchangeable between models and sizes.

Atlas Copco Tensor STR Two Trigger Tool

With the Tensor STR Two Trigger Tool, tightenings can be completed with one tool instead of two, shortening cycle times and eliminating unnecessary steps. With this tool the user can pre-tighten with the upper trigger, and then tighten to target torque with the low trigger. Accurate and reliable, this tool has a market leading accuracy, increasing process reliability and minimizing risk of assembly problems.

Buy Local! Every Atlas Copco Low Reaction Battery Tool is Serviced and Warrantied in Ontario, Canada.

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