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At CPS, we’ve spent a lot of time researching and testing Standalone laser marking systems, to find the best quality, efficient and safest laser marking equipment for our customers.

What’s our top pick? Technifor’s Laser Workstation 2. 

The LW2 is a fully automatic laser stand alone benchtop marking system, setting the gold standard as the industry’s top model laser marking workstation on the market. This LW2 laser model offers a comprehensive and versatile workstation that can be adapted to meet all of your applications and specificities. 

As an all-inclusive laser marking solution, the LW2 has a large workstation that can make surface marking as well as deep engraving on any surface from plastic to crystal, glass, wood, leather, aluminum, stone and everything in between.

The LW2: A Fully Integrated Laser Marking Solution 

From simple tooling to a fully automatic laser marking station, the LW2 laser offers the full solution for Bench top standalone Laser Marking.  Since most parts have a unique shape, the LW2 laser will automatically adapt its focal length to ensure a perfect mark on cylindrical parts, curved surfaces, inclined planes and more. 

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Certified Class 1 Laser Safe 

Technifor’s LW2 is the safest laser marking station currently available. Certified Class 1 Laser Safe, the LW2 has a viewing window that allows you to see your work in real time, without having to wear protective glasses. The LW2 features a fully automatic door with remote control, “interlock” locking system and anti-pinch sensors. 

Save Time & Money

Technifor’s LW2 is ergonomic and easy to use, with a diverse range of settings that makes it possible to carry out all types of laser markings, on any surface, up to 4000 pieces per day. With a fully automatic laser marking system, you’ll save time and the design costs for your laser.  

Buy Local! Every LW2 Marking & Engraving System is Sold, Serviced and Warrantied in Ontario, Canada.

About CPS 

Founded in 1986, we are an Ontario-based industrial distributor of high-quality assembly tools, part marking systems, material handling equipment and industry-related products. At CPS, we provide full service and repair for all of our products.


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