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ByDanny Gackstetter

Atlas Copco ETV, ETP, ETD S4 , S7 , S9 & PF3000 Tool Service, Repair and Calibration

So Atlas Copco has recently announced that they no longer service the S4, S7 & S9 tools. we commonly refer to the tools here at CPS as the “S – Tools” we still have Canada’s largest spare tool inventory of S-tools with spare parts and motors right here in stock at our Office! with our 17025 Laboratory Accreditation we’d be happy to service your S – Tools ! just let us know 

not sure if you have an S – Tool? here’s some Common Part numbers that we Repair / Replace / Service & Calibrate.  

ETD – S4


ETD – S9 

ETV – S4

ETV – S7

ETV – S9

ETP – S4 

ETP – S7

ETP – S9

Controller numbers 

PF3000 – Graph 

PF 3000 Compact.

ByDanny Gackstetter

Servo Press Calibration

As the local Distributor and Vendor for Promess in Ontario Canada be sure to give us a call if you require calibrations on your load cells or servo presses! we’d love to help you out with an onsite calibration service.  

ByDanny Gackstetter

Summer Shutdown Is Upon Us

If you work in the Manufacturing sector in ontario then you probably understand the term “Summer shutdown” or you may be more familiar with the term “summer slow down ” depending on which manufacturing company you work for. summer and winter shutdowns are CPS’ busiest time of the year because its the two times a year that we get full access to our customer torque tools so we can calibrate everybody’s manufacturing tools all in one shot. what used to take us days to do with lots of shipping nightmares is now taking us hours with our Mobile bus. we just roll up. calibrate all your tools and roll away. that simple.

are you wondering where to get your torque tools calibrated in ontario for summer shutdown? be sure to give us a call!

ByDanny Gackstetter

Promess Pressing Assembly Systems Now Comes to Ontario with Local Service Provided by CPS

Hello All!

Big Day here at CPS. as you can guess from the Title, CPS is now the Local distributor and vendor for Promess in Ontario! be sure to let us know if you need service or calibrations too!

Promess is the Leading name in Press assembly technologies. with 34 years in the industry and starting in Brighton Michigan they are the number 1 name in Pressing systems. On spec with companies like GM, Ford and Chrysler, Promess knows just how tough the environments can be and how they can overcome it with superior quality products and innovative software.

Check out the Video below to see the story of Promess spoken right from their President Glenn Nausley

Danny Gackstetter

Sales Manager