LW2 Laser Marking Workstations

LW2 Technifor Laser Workstation
Technifor, A Gravotech Company

Scribe, Etch and Engrave barcodes, date codes, serial numbers and logos right in your work space with any of our Lasers

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A fully automated solution, the LW2 is the most complete laser marking station on the market. 
Ergonomic and easy to use, this laser station makes it possible to quickly carry out all types of marking (texts, Datamatrix codes, logos, etc.), from single marking to large series. Up to 4000 pieces per day

Laser marking station LW2

The top model of the laser station range, the LW2 laser marking station is the solution for all your markings: benefit from a complete, productive workstation that can be adapted to your applications and specificities.

Equipped with a 180x280mm viewing window, the LW2 marking station allows you to view your markings in real time without any protection required.

The LW2 has a motorized Z axis and can be adapted to all your parts regardless of their height, length and position (up to 365mm high and 558mm long). 
Its large work surface can accommodate tools and fixtures of all types and sizes.

Compatible with a wide range of options and accessories:

  • Turning-cylinder: make markings on cylindrical parts
  • 3D module: obtain regular markings on complex shaped parts (different heights, inclined planes, curved surfaces, etc.); without any particular installation
  • Vision manager : complete traceability of your parts (reading, marking, verification) in a single module
  • Different focal lengths: get the marking field you need for your applications
  • Programmable Z axis: adapted to series marking, it allows you to adjust the vertical position of the laser head according to your marking requirements. The position adjustment is done automatically after the marking is started by the operator
  • Z axis controlled by autofocus: a rangefinder measures the distance between the surface to be marked and the laser head. After changing the part, the Z axis will be controlled until the nominal working distance is obtained.
  • Workstation supports : group the elements of your laser pack (marking station, smoke extractor, PC) on a single piece of furniture mounted on wheels to make it easier to use and move

Equipped with an automatic door and dedicated software, and delivered with its remote control, the LW2 is a fully automated solution: closing the door, marking, opening the door are done by simply pressing the button on the remote control (door opening/closing time: 1.5 sec)

Certified class 1, equipped with the complete “interlock” locking system and anti-pinch sensors, the LW2 guarantees you safe marking.

The software provided with the LW2, Lasertrace™, allows you to control your laser in manual mode, or to switch to production mode: optimize your productivity thanks to the semi-automatic or automatic levels that make your marking station a totally autonomous industrial station.

Available with all lasers in the range: Fiber, Hybrid, CO2, Green, this station allows surface marking as well as deep engraving.

  • Fiber Laser
    • Steels
    • Aluminums
    • titanium
    • Plastics
  • Hybrid Laser
    • Plastics
    • Steels
    • Copper
    • Noble Metals
  • Green Laser
    • All Types of Plastics
    • Gold/Silver
    • Sensitive Materials
    • Silicone
  • CO2 Laser
    • Glass
    • Crystal
    • Woods
    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Rubber
    • Leather
    • Stone
    • Plastic