IMPACT – Benchtop dot peen marking machine

Technifor, A Gravotech Company

Scribe, Etch and Engrave barcodes, date codes, serial numbers and logos right in your work space

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Switch on, touch, mark – the all in one machine

The dot peen marking machines in the IMPACT range are equipped with Touch&Mark technology: they have a touch screen and on-board control software in their marking head. Thanks to their touch screen and the fast and intuitivelearning curve offered by its interface, the user can perform marking operations from the moment the machine arrives.

Detect, adjust, mark – motorised Z-axis

The electromagnetic dot peen marking machines with a motorised Z-axis have the I-Sense function. This function detects the surface of the workpiece, automatically adjusts the height of the Z-axis and allows the performance of multi-level marking operations with no intervention on the part of the operator: mark workpieces of complex shape… nothing could be simpler!

Several adjustment modes are available:

  • Automatic Mode ( i-Sense)
  • Manual Mode : Allows Manual Adjustments by the use of Buttons located on the side of the machine
  • Turbo Mode: For high speed requirements